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Journey to the Alamo

Book One

“Hannah stared a second time at the crumbling fossil of a building before her. Her eyes opened wide. This was the same building as the wooden figure Nick had taken from her. This building was the
Alamo, the Alamo of the past! Mr. Barrington’s voice echoed in her mind, ‘You will choose an event in Texas
history and become part of it.’”

Hannah finds nothing adventurous about the seventh grade—until she meets her new Texas history teacher, Mr. Barrington, who brings in a mysterious trunk and assigns an unusual project: to become a part of history. While seeking inspiration among the historical artifacts contained in the trunk, Hannah, her brother Nick, and her friend Jackie are suddenly thrown back through time, finding themselves at an old Spanish mission in San Antonio. It’s the
Alamo, and the famous battle is about to begin!

Join Hannah, Nick, and Jackie as they dodge cannonballs and bayonets; meet William Barret Travis, David Crockett, and Jim Bowie; and learn valuable lessons about honor and the importance of history.  

Journey to
San Jacinto

Book Two
Where has Mr. Barrington gone? Follow Hannah, Nick, and Jackie back in time to the Texas Revolution as they search for clues leading to the missing Texas history teacher. Mr. Barrington’s niece, Miss Barrington, begins the countdown to the past when she opens the lid on the mysterious trunk belonging to her uncle. She and the girls suddenly find themselves in 1836, traveling with a Texian soldier transporting ammunition for General Sam Houston only days before the Battle of San Jacinto.

Meanwhile, Nick discovers what life is like as a soldier after the Mexican army finds him hiding in a tree. Join the children on their historic adventure as the Battle of San Jacinto unfolds before their eyes and they become acquainted with the famous Texian and Mexican soldiers who shaped the future of

Journey to Gonzales 

Book Three 

Nick is on a mission. Deeply troubled by the loss of a young friend at the Battle of San Jacinto, he wants desperately to return to the scene of the battle—to alter history. But when he furtively opens the mysterious trunk, now in Mr. Barrington’s attic, he is transported instead to Gonzales in 1835. There he meets many historical characters, including the young
Alamo defenders William King, John Gaston, and Galba Fuqua. (Will, Johnny, and Galba are introduced in Book One of the series.) Once befriended by them, Nick finds himself caught up in the excitement precipitating the Battle of Gonzales. 

Hannah and Jackie, knowing they must stop Nick and bring him back safely, follow by trunk in hot pursuit. After falling down a riverbank, Hannah is rescued by Lieutenant Ramires, a member of the Alamo de Parras Company of dragoons sent to retrieve the Gonzales "Come and Take It" cannon. The girls are escorted to his camp, where they learn about life in the Mexican army and the tensions that are building in



Concept-Based Supplement for
Journey to the Alamo 

Designed for teachers of gifted and talented students, this teaching supplement helps students of history learn through structured questions and activities. This unit features
• key concepts, themes, and explorations in the writer’s craft;
• guided questions based on generalizations (factual, conceptual, and philosophical);
• instructional activities;
• a performance task planner; and more. 

This concept-based unit helps take students to a higher academic level. As students move beyond the story through the concepts presented in the unit, they will discover a connection to real-world problems, past and present. In addition, this supplement serves as a model to help teachers develop units for other Mr. Barrington novels in the series.

Journey to Goliad

Book Four

Hannah followed Nick's gaze to gray stone walls. In the corner, the highest point on the horizon, stood a chapel with a bell tower topped with a cross. It was Presidio La Bahia. They were headed back to the fort in Goliad. On top of the wall, seven soldiers aimed muskets toward the prairie and hills.

"What did we get ourselves into this time?" Hannah murmured.

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Journey to San Jacinto

2008 Western Heritage Award Winner!  



Journey To Gonzales

2009 Western Heritage Award Winner! 



Concept-Based Supplement for Journey to the Alamo (Mr. Barrington's Mysterious Trunk)

2010 Finalist!
Western Writers of America Spur Award
for Best Western Juvenile Fiction

2009 Book of the Year Finalist!
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