Travel back to 1686!

            2012 Texas Institute of Letters
H-E-B Award for Best
Young Adult's Book!


Journey to Galveston

Book Seven

The series will be available in
ebook format this May!

Melodie A. Cuate


Newly Released Books

Journey to La Salle's Settlement

Book Five

“Now don’t change history while I’m gone,” Mr. B had said before leaving Hannah and Nick to lock the trunk in the classroom closet. Despite Hannah’s pledge to comply, a trickle of beach sand and a slosh of seawater turn to a flood tide after she lifts the lid.

The siblings, along with their friend Jackie, find themselves in a wooden canoe off the seventeenth-century Texas coast—with a gale approaching and nothing to get them home but a magic ring and a list of riddles. No sooner does their rescuer, Sébastien, haul the trio aboard ship than they are pressed into service on the doomed French bark La Belle.

Blamed for shipwreck, attacked on shore by arrow-firing Karankawa warriors, and chased by alligators, Hannah, Jackie, and Nick rush to complete the scavenger hunt with the aid of the settlement’s resourceful colonists. From the Talon family they learn survival skills in the dense, dangerous woods—as they teach a few lessons of their own. But when a feverish Hannah collapses on the night of La Salle’s long-awaited return, will a gold coin turn up in time to redeem her life?

Journey to Plum Creek

Book Six

The cave at Mount Bonnell, not far from the school Hannah, Nick, and Jackie attend in Austin, has attracted many visitors over the years, from Indians to Boy Scouts to historic reenactors. But when Jackie's grandfather takes the trio there on an impromptu excursion, they meet a traveler of an entirely different sort: explorer Elijah Barrington—ancestor of their formidable history teacher—who has arrived there from the past. And accompanying him is a trunk that looks oddly familiar.

A slam of the trunk's lid transports the girls into a melee of swirling hoofbeats and bright war paint. Before they know it, they've been taken captive by Comanche warriors in a raid on Victoria, Texas, in 1840. Hannah is forced into servitude, while Jackie is adopted as a daughter. As they learn about life among the natives and participate reluctantly in another raid, Nick races east from Mount Bonnell on horseback in the company of Bigfoot Wallace, Jack Hays, and other Texas Rangers. In a fast-paced adventure infused with the fascinating cultural and historical details Melodie Cuate's stories are known for, her latest installment pits the old order against the new in the Battle of Plum Creek—and seeds friendship in unexpected places.

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