American Revolution Unhinged


Just released on Amazon. . . History Wrecked Series, book 1

NEW!   Historical Fiction For Teen & Young Adult Readers! 

Fourteen-year-old Gemma Hunter’s life in San Antonio is perfection, even if that means she has to bully her best friends Talon and Max to get her way, and swallow the truth about the dark creature she saw crawling out of the library window. 

When Gemma meets fifteen-year-old River Santos, her world fractures. River's life is a mess, a freakin’ mess. He’s repeating 9th grade in a school with gargoyles perched on the roof, and he knows far too much about getting suspended. Although River vows he is through with women, there is something about Gem . . .  

On a dare, the four teens enter the library to find themselves entrapped by spirits. After Max disappears in a black mist, the ghostly librarian offers the remaining three a game to win his freedom. To seal the deal, the friends sign a contract with bloody handprints, a commitment that could cost them their lives.

Following a series of clues, they discover caves filled with supernatural beings called pretenders, looming specters, and a portal to the 1778 Battle of Monmouth Courthouse. Entrenched with Revolutionary War soldiers, they fight enemies and each other. As friendships are forged and a first love blooms, will the 9th graders discover they have wrecked history?