Story elements used during my research - M. Cuate

Journey to the Alamo

When Hannah went back to 1836, she saw a soldier on top of the Alamo church, peering through a spyglass.

Young Francisco Esparza had a coin his uncle had given him. It was about the size of a dime. Francisco's uncle was in the Mexican army, and his father was Gregorio Esparza, Alamo defender.

Hannah received this cross as a gift.

Travis gave his cat's eye ring to Angelina Dickinson.

(Still in the works.) 

Journey to San Jacinto

The San Jacinto Monument

The Mexican army's one cannon was positioned here during the Battle of San Jacinto.

Spanish moss hung from the trees on the battleground.

During the battle, Houston's ankle was shattered by a musket ball at this location.  Beneath the trees in the distance were the Mexican army's cannon and breastworks.

Colonel Almonte gathered together many of the Mexican soldiers who survived the Battle of San Jacinto and surrendered them to the Texian forces.

James dragged back a dead hog 

by its hind leg.

Journey to Gonzales

On the banks of the Guadalupe River, presidial soldados and Gonzales residents were entrenched in the trees, watching each other. The presidial soldados had come to retrieve the Gonzales cannon.

A tin cup would be a common item that the soldados would carry in a haversack when they traveled from place to place. Hannah and Jackie used a cup like this one to prepare coffee.

Hannah and Jackie found a cornhusk doll in Private Ramires's haversack.

Even though the Gonzales cannon was small, it made a loud noise when it was fired. To hide the cannon from the soldados, Nick helped bury it in a peach grove.

(Still in the works.)

Journey to Goliad

Hannah, Nick, and Jackie walked along the bank of the San Antonio River. They decided to take a break and get a drink of water.

While walking along the riverbank, Jackie noticed a group of whitetail deer.

Hannah saw vultures perched in a 

tree near the river.

This tower was in the distance.

(Still in the works.)